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Baby Moon Hubcaps available at HubcapsPlus.com.There is definitely a retro styling trend in the automotive industry today, as evidenced by the popularity of the throwback designs of the new Mustang, the new Challenger and the new Camaro, it seems that everything that was old is new again! It would seem that consumers are hearkening back to their glory days, trying to recapture at least a part of their youth.

So it’s no surprise at all that there has been a renewed interest in baby moon hubcaps… You remember baby moon hubcaps don’t you? Those chrome smoothies gleaming in the sun usually coupled with extra wide whitewalls… They were the epitome of cool! Well folks guess what? They are the epitome of cool again.

If you want to give your ride a new look with retro style this is an easy choice… There are however a few things to keep in mind. Baby moon hubcaps don’t attach like regular hubcaps, they are held on via the nubs found on the crown of your wheel. If you are replacing an existing set of baby moon hubcaps, the easiest way to determine the size is to just take baby moon hubcap off of the wheel, flip it over and measure the inside diameter of the cap. If you don’t have existing baby moons, then use the diagrams below.

Baby Moon installation instructions.

The rule of thumb for fitment is as follows:

If your measurement is between 8″ & 9″, then the 8″ baby moon hubcaps will be compatible.

If your measurement is between 9″ & 10″, then the 9″ baby moon hubcaps will be compatible.

If your measurement is 10″ & up, then the 10″ baby moon hubcaps will be compatible.

If you have any questions, as always I value your feedback, you can contact me via the “Contact Us” link to the right, or if you prefer to call me directly I am here to answer your questions Monday through Friday 9 AM/CST – 5 PM/CST toll free at 1-888-482-2279!

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