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G2 Brake Caliper Paint Kit For those of you who haven’t seen it yet. G2 has released a short video showcasing just how easy it is to apply G2 Brake Caliper Paint to your brake calipers. The G2 video outlines the steps for applying the paint not only as a brush on, but as a spray on application as well! I have to say the finish of the G2 Brake Caliper Paint is absolutely phenomenal! Especially when it comes to the colors which contain metal fleck like G2 Gold or G2 Silver and the new Limited Edition Mustang Legend Lime Brake Caliper Paint!

If you’re not familiar with the spray on technique it’s definitely worth a watch… Check it out -

YouTube Preview Image

The portable aerosol spray can used in the video is actually the same Preval Portable Aerosol Spray Can that we carry. We have actually been recommending the Preval Spray Gun for paint touch ups when you’re doing auto body work, because it lets you use the exact paint that’s on the car. So it eliminates comparing paint swatches to different spray cans.

With Preval, you get perfect color matching every time. With no streaks, either, making it perfect for applying G2 Brake Caliper Paint!

It seems we aren’t the only ones who think it’s a perfect match… G2 thinks it’s a perfect match as well!

As always, thanks for your continued support of HubcapsPlus and if you have any questions or comments I’m always here!

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