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Hot on the heels of the current retro-chic trend that has completely taken over the automotive industry Volkswagen is now making the old school blue and white VW logos available on their 16″ Beetle Hubcaps. Check it out below…

Volkswagen Beetle 16 inch 1998-2001 New Factory Original Equipment Hubcap With Blue and White Logo

Personally… I like the 16″ VW Beetle hubcaps with the blue and white Volkswagen logo. The Beetle is a retro-chic car, so I think the retro-chic blue and white logo adds a little style to the hubcap. You can see a picture of the 16″ Volkswagen Beetle hubcap with the modern black and chrome VW logo for comparison below…


I think the modern black and chrome Volkswagen logo looks better on the Volkswagen Jetta hubcaps and the Volkswagen Passat hubcaps which have the European Sedan styling. the Beetle definitely looks better with the retro look… What do you think? Which Volkswagen hubcaps do you prefer?

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